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Children's Entertainer Wallingford

Dizzy Dean and his wacky puppets are truly amazing and keep the kids in fits of laughter from start to finish.

Packed with astonishing magic, hilarious puppet, lively dancing, brilliant party games, balloon modelling, and live rabbit, you can be sure this is a party the children will be talking about for months to come!

If your party is for a birthday, Dizzy Dean will make a huge fuss over the birthday child, where they get to help with the magic (assuming they want of course) and other aspects of the show, and they get to stroke the bunny first, They’re made the absolute star of the party.

Dizzy Dean’s Magic party ensure these shows have tonnes crammed into them, with exciting games and musical favourites like parachute games and more, the kids won’t want the fun to stop.

As well as birthdays, Dizzy Dean's Magic cater for every occasion, including weddings, christenings, fetes, fairs, walk-about entertainment, corporate parties, school events and nurseries. 

You have seen the rest Now watch the best!

Dizzy Dean’s fast moving colourful shows have been making children of all ages laugh in the Wallingford area for many years performing over 2650 shows worldwide.

An enchanting blend of comedy, magic, balloons and live bunny at the end of the show.

The shows are tailor-made to suit your child's age and personality.

All you have to do is supply the guests and Dizzy Dean will do the rest - It's guaranteed to be a party to remember!

Your child’s birthday is a very special time so you will want to be reassured that you have made the right choice when choosing an entertainer. Booking the Dizzy Dean Magic & Puppet Show is your guarantee of piece of mind that your child’s special day will be even more special, magical and memorable for all the right reasons.

Dizzy Dean is in very high demand from parents, companies and organisations that continually use Dean’s amazing and exciting magical entertainment to enhance their next event!

High quality, professional, hassle free, family entertainment is only a few clicks away! Get in touch today and Dean will advise the best show package to suit your occasion!

The Dizzy Dean Magic Show is filled with lots of comedy and amazing magic, hilarious puppets, cool balloon modelling live rabbit and loads of audience participation.

Guaranteed 100% laughter

  Family Magic Shows

 Puppets Shows

Drago the Magic Dragon

Amazing Party Games

Parachute Games

Mini Disco

Balloon Modelling

Presto the Live Rabbit

Circus Workshop

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Balloon modelling and Live Rabbit at the end of the show puts a smile on the faces of all the children Laughter all the way with the Dizzy Dean's Magic Show

The best Children's Magic and Puppet show you will ever see

45 minute 

Magic and Puppet show

Fast moving amazing magic, funny puppets and Presto the live bunny at the end of the show

Magic and Puppet show

Sword or Rabbit balloon at the end of the showPerfect show for 4 to 7 year olds

90 minute 

None stop magic, Puppets and party games

All the games involve all the children all the time, which means all the children are playing all the time with no time to get board.

And if the venue is suitable parachute games which in my humble opinion the best games ever 

(Ask your Kids)

Magic Puppets and live rabbit

Sword or Rabbit balloon at the end of the show 

You feed the children party food after the Dizzy Dean Show

2 Hours 

45-minute party games, music and Parachute

20 minute food break 10 minutes singing happy birthday

45 minute Magic and puppet show balloon for all the children all the children get to stroke the Rabbit

The price includes 25 sword or rabbit balloons

All singing all dancing magic and fun party

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I can do full days

Circus Workshops

Stunt Workshops 

Balloon Modelling

Children's Discos

Face painting

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Watch Dizzy Dean performing now !