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Review From July 2020

"We had socially distanced show & it was awesome! The kids were laughing their heads off most of the time. What great fun!"

As the summer months reach us, and lockdown restrictions start to become more relaxed, I am following government guidelines to come back to your garden parties. There are still certain rules and regulations, but you can now book a socially distanced magic show for a garden party. Let me explain a little of what this means.

Say it’s your child’s birthday. You still can’t have a traditional hall party an invite a load of people over, but you can enjoy a party in your garden together in the style of one of these parties!

I’ve written a show which INCLUDES social distancing. I recommend using birthday banners to cordon off a small area of your garden (about 3meters square), where I can set up (if you have a side gate into your garden, or a front garden this is even better) this will be the performance area. I have a speaker system, and so and electricity point outside or running from inside the house is fantastic.

The show is approximately 45 minutes long, it includes magic, puppets and more, and is filled with lots and lots of fun. Even though I can’t get children up to be my helpers at the moment, there is still an interactive element to the show, and you’ll absolutely love it.

If you want, you can buy your child a magic wand and sit with them whilst they make the magic happen using it (from a distance of course) maybe arrange a little picnic. It’s important for parents or guardians to sit with their children whilst the show is on, so as to make sure that social distancing is adhered to.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday and enjoy it together as a family in a fun, yet safe manner. Because lockdown shouldn’t mean that your child misses out on their special party.

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"Dizzy Dean was brilliant as usual. The kids were all laughing so much. My eldest said he’s the only person who can make him laugh so much without being tickled"

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