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Amazing Christmas Shows

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16th Jan 2018

Already getting enquires for Christmas Shows 2019 WOW

Filled Party Bags and Magic Wand

Our Latest Blog Entry

18th Jan 2018

New Party Bags ordered 

Filled bag cost £2 each, Magic wand 50p extra

or if you just the bags I give free with every magic show booking

The best magic show ever

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28th Jan 2018

New show reel just put on you tube


Click on rabbit do watch

School, Kids, Children's Disco in Oxfordshire

Our Latest Blog Entry

30th Jan 2018

New to Dizzy Deans Magic 

Children's Discos, Amazing Music and Party Games

Amazing Magic Shows with Dizzy Dean

Our Latest Blog Entry

1st March 2018

Dizzy Dean own theme song will be added to my show very soon. Cant wait.

Magic Wands

Our Latest Blog Entry

5th March 2018

Dizzy Deans Magic Wand Kits are now for sale £1.50 each

Dizzy Deans Magic Van

Our Latest Blog Entry

10th October 2018

Dizzy Dean's Magic Van.....................

Love it.......................


Amazing Magic Shows

Our Latest Blog Entry

16th Jan 2018

This week Dizzy Dean will be adding new photos of all his new puppets